Sam Jamieson Saddles

“It’s a fact of life a saddle can change you and your horse”

Imagine being able to get more expression and movement. Sam Jamieson Saddles are designed to allow free movement of the shoulder allowing for a bigger stride and jump. Walk, trot and canter extensions become easier and lateral work more expressive.

Saddles support you where needed assisting your position with hip, thigh seat comfort allowing enhanced feel.  Evenly distributed weight is the path to a happy horse, the wide bearing surface panels on our saddles gives great comfort to your horse allowing him to improve his potential, move freely and relaxed.

The wide gullet means that the saddle will not impinge on your horses spine and the surrounding body tissues; this improves comfort, especially jumping, on turns, circles and lateral work boosting performance.  The tree is enhanced to allow for freedom of movement and the girthing to adjust where needed.

Made of high quality materials, by highly skilled craftsmen and exceptionally comfortable for you and your horse.  It’s no secret that wool flocking is a proven material and unrivalled. The horse benefits immensely. Which is why its used in our saddles.

Wool flocking is:

  • Shock absorbing
  • Adjustable
  • Breathable
  • Moulds to your horse
  • Allows muscle movement and the flow of circulation.

Each saddle starts its life from the tree for you and your horse. This enables you to have your saddle as individual as you and your horse are.

“Very friendly, relaxed consultation with Sam. Took plenty of time to measure both myself and my horse. Very thorough, professional method and positive customer experience. Looking forward to our new bespoke saddle. Definitely recommended.”


“Great service from Sam Jamieson. Extremely professional, knowledgable and friendly service. Spent time with the ponies and nothing was too much trouble. Super quick turnaround for new saddle. Highly recommended by my little girl too.  Thank you very much!”


“Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Sam when she came out at the weekend to check our cobs saddle. It is one of Sams own made to measure saddles. As usual she was very thorough and it is always a very relaxing experience for us and the horse. Would not go anywhere else for this service now.”

Sam Jamieson General Purpose Saddle


Saddles you can rely on !

The correct saddle tree and saddle panel is just as important as the other, selected individually for your horse or pony.  This gives you piece of mind that whatever type of horse you have your saddle will be as individual as both of you.  You can upgrade your saddle combining different colours and crystals.

Specialising in saddles for Cob’s, Native’s, Heavie’s, Friesian’s and Iberian’s aswell as traditonal types. 

Your saddle will be of unrivalled quality, style, finest workmanship, durability and with the advantage of up to date technical manufacturing.  All our saddles are Made in the UK.